2019 BGGA Fitness Challenge Finalists 

The 2019 Fitness Challenge was a fiercely contested 10-week battle that saw Savannah Weyrauch emerge as the winner with Daniel Song a close second.  Savannah was highly competitive throughout and extremely consistent in her efforts – a deserving winner this year.

The Top Ten are listed below and will be joining us at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure.

  1. Savannah Weyrauch                                                      160
  2. Daniel Song                                                                       150
  3. Tim Winter & Yoko Tai                                                   125
  4. Eloy Vigil & Georgy Voronov                                       110
  5. Egor Zotov, Niels Schmidlin & Qiman Hu               105
  6. Brandon Azzi & Petr Hruby                                          100
  7. Christian Wentzel                                                              95
  8. Sophia Tejeda & Tyden Wilson                                     90
  9. Jack Turner                                                                          85
  10. Sam Duan & Joonil Kim                                                    80

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