BGGA gives us a great sense of reassurance, knowing that our child is in a well-disciplined and stimulating environment which enhances his self-worth.

BGGA Student

The education at Montverde combined with the golf and student life at BGGA prepared my son for the rigors of university life.

BGGA Student

I have 100% confidence that moving to BGGA was the best decision of my life. BGGA allows me to expand my horizons and work toward my goal of playing golf at a higher level.

BGGA Student

People often say that their time in college is the best 4 years of their life. Personally, nothing can compare to the years I spent at BGGA.

BGGA Student

We’re taught to be excellent at BGGA. We’re challenged daily to reach our goals and aspirations.

John Daly II

I feel like my dreams are possible here. Not only is the golf, school and especially the campus and golf facilities amazing, I’m more confident in my future.

BGGA Student

Here at BGGA we have good coaching, great facilities, easy access to all facilities and an amazing group of students, all important in developing my golf game. My previous academy didn’t have this combination and I don’t know of any other academy that does.

Senne Ramirah

Class of 2018

Although BGGA is a bit remote, I actually feel more free than in my last academy as we can go from housing to golf to fitness to catering in our own time, and all so close.

Yoko Tai

Class of xx

At my last academy we didn’t have a formal fitness program, just stretching on the range, and the food was awful, in a golf clubhouse that we had to drive to.

Alexandre Liu

Class of xx

Everything about BGGA is better than my previous academy, particularly the awesome golf and housing facilities, the ease of access being on a campus and the food which is excellent.

Cynthia Tu

Class of 2019

Although BGGA is known for its golf and academic prowess, the true advantage of coming here is the people you get to meet.

Ana Paula Valdes junior golf academy student

Ana Paula Valdes


You can’t help but get close to each other.

Jasmin Pnaiser junior golf academy student

Jasmin Pnaiser


They can experience this other way of learning… They always tell us how much it has changed them.

Andres Vera junior golf academy recruiter

Andres Vera

Director of Recruitment

BGGA has been an opportunity to build new approaches to the standard Academy culture.

Laura Lawrence junior golf academy

Laura Lawrence

Director of Marketing

The diversity of opinion and experiences has provided me opportunities for growth far greater than anything my hometown.

Tiger Lee junior golf academy student

Tiger Lee


The house parents have as much fun as you and with you.

Aryman Mohan unior golf academy student

Aryman Mohan


I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of people who have helped me to improve my game overall. The facilities help motivate me to practice every day.

Tracy Lee junior golf academy student

Tracy Lee


Bishops Gate is an opportunity to learn more about life and continually mature and improve upon aspects of your character.

Greg Shen junior golf academy student

Greg Shen


I used to be shy and now I’m more open from living with other girls. It’s the best place in the world.

Chiara Arya junior golf academy student

Chiara Arya


Our partnership model is both an attempt to share the burden as well as to better align ourselves.

Andrew Summers junior golf academy

Andrew Summers


These character in action interactions remind me of who I want to be as a person.

Dominik Rega junior golf academy student

Dominik Rega


Helping other people is “something I can see myself doing for a lifetime.

Chelsea Liu junior golf academy student

Chelsea Liu


BGGA really helped me get on track for college. Now I’m committed and it feels pretty good!

Jakob Raichle junior golf academy student

Jakob Raichle


BGGA is one of the best practice facilities in the world. You have world-class short game areas. The putting greens are always good and the chipping greens always react well.

Zaffar Sikkander junior golf academy student

Zaffar Sikkander, PG


The practice facility really opens up your mind and you can learn different ways to play the game that will aid you in tournament competition.

Branimir Nikolich junior golf academy student

Branimir Nikolich, PG


I really don’t have any words to describe how grateful I am to have experienced this.

Chun Yan Leong junior golf academy student

Chun Yan Leong


There’s another level of golf here. It was an experience I could not have found at any other

Mateo Lancheros junior golf academy student

Mateo Lancheros


When I followed BGGA’s college placement steps, I began receiving emails from coaches saying
they wanted me on their team!

Christian Tupamahu junior golf academy student college signing

Christian Tupamahu


My greatest hope for our students is that they leave here better people than when they arrived.

Lynda Hughes

Director of Student Care

I feel proud of who I’ve become.

Carlos Marrero junior golf academy student

Carlos Marrero