Recently, BGGA students participated in a PATH event titled “Looking INWARD/Acting OUTWARD.” During the half-day workshop, students continued work on how their PATH character element can aid their life and golf game.

During different breakout sessions, BGGA staff led interactive discussions and activities that contributed to the day’s theme.

One session talked about four different high-profile PGA Tour players. The students picked the PATH element the player most resembled and how that element plays a role in the player’s on-course style and success.

In another session, students learned that life takes balance. They are expected to balance golf, academics, family, health etc. Their PATH element plays a role in that balancing act along with the elements of other students.

The students were then able to evaluate their own life and the values they hold dear. Those values were written on golf balls and placed in a jar. These jars will serve as reminders to the students throughout the semester and beyond.

Students were also challenged to work together as a team to create a chain. The purpose was to allow them to use their element’s strengths and the strengths of others to be creative and succeed.

After a lot of fun and self-evaluation, the day wrapped up with a session led by Linh Quach and Ian Highfield called “What is your nail?” The session focused on students finding a passion in life that fuels them. The students were given the chance to decide on community service projects that were important to them, and groups were developed to take those project ideas and turn them into actions for the spring semester.


PATH Seminar January 2017