The Danish National Golf Team chose Bishops Gate Golf Academy for their winter training. A team of more than 40 students and coaches descended upon the facility to improve their games and practice in the prime winter weather BGGA offers in Florida.

The Danish National Team is one of many European national teams using BGGA this winter for training.


Q&A with Claus Moelholm, director of sport for the Danish National Team

BGGA: Why do you travel from Denmark for winter training?
In January, it’s terrible weather in Denmark and Europe. If we want to have good greens, we need to travel far. We think Florida is a nice place to go and we need to look at the (travel) costs.

BGGA: Is this your first time at Bishops Gate Golf Academy?
It’s our second time here. We were here last year.

BGGA: Tell me about the team you brought to BGGA.
We’ve brought everyone from our A teams, the juniors, girls, boys, men’s, ladies and professional players. We are around 40 players today.

BGGA: Why did you choose BGGA?
It’s a combination of great facilities, good golf courses and of course the price we get. We think it’s a good deal for us.

BGGA: What are the other reasons why you travel to the U.S. for winter training?
We also go to the United States because we have a few Danish college players and they can actually be in this camp. If we had it in Europe, they couldn’t be. It’s our chance of meeting them and talking to some of the college coaches that come here to see what’s going on.

BGGA: How do you train at BGGA?
We use everything. The program starts normally around 6:00 a.m. with either a morning jog or down in the fitness center. Then we have breakfast and the day starts. When we have so many players, some are at the range or putting green and some are playing at Mission Inn.

BGGA: What’s your favorite part of BGGA?
The greens are really good. It’s such a large practice facility, you can go from either end. You don’t see that (type of facility) as much in Europe and definitely not in Denmark.