Colombia. There is no better way to describe its people, especially the junior golfers, than passionate and happy individuals. From the very moment BGGA arrived in Colombia, we knew we were welcome. As soon as we stepped on to the property at the Club Campestre Llanogrande, the coaches and juniors welcomed us with wide-open arms. They were all craving knowledge, willing to train for the full week of non-stop golf in order to get a few steps closer to where they want to be.


The athletes’ and coaches’ excitement and hard work made are what made this trip. Each and every day, the kids would wake up, meet at the range, and get right to work. Working closely with the Colombian coaches, our coaches split them up into different groups to develop their skills in the different areas of the game. Challenges and fun games were part of the daily schedule and were always followed by laughter, celebrations, and a craving for more.


One of the things that makes BGGA special is how we focus on so much more than the training. We strive to develop individuals, foster friendships, and strengthen bonds between our staff and our athletes. Bonding with the AJGC, their coaches, and their players is all part of continuing to grow our BGGA family. Our partnership in continuing to grow the world of junior golf is only going to do good things for the game we all love. We now excitedly await the arrival of the same athletes to our 2016 Summer Camp, ready to welcome them with open arms, just as they did.