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Welcome to The Lifestyle Program, a boarding program of one of the world’s top international academies for students and student-athletes who want to pursue their passion and build a life-time of achievement.

We help students pursue their passion for academics, athletics, art and everything else in between, through an innovative, supportive and specialized academic, athletic and exploratory arts environment.

Lifestyle Program students have a plan! The finely tuned plan encourages each student to develop more than just their academic skills because we know that lessons learned outside of the classroom will ultimately become the cornerstone of the very same lessons that are needed in order to become successful in the game of life.


We have a 100% college placement rate and work hard to ensure that each and every student is treated with the same amount of attention, no matter what their athletic or academic skill levels are.


Montverde Academy in Central Florida is the top choice for serious students who are looking for a U.S. boarding school experience. The benefit of the Lifestyle Program is attending a top academic school and living on campus at the Bishops Gate Golf Academy allowing you the freedom to participate in other activities and sports based on your goals, aspirations and interests.

Getting to learn new sports

We understand the journey to finding your passion. For some sports it takes time. Too often young student-athletes are pressured to choose and achieve too early.

We allow young athletes time to grow. We encourage them to ease into the decision-making process of choosing a single sport. We help them build on fundamentals and give them a solid foundation of mental and physical preparation that will ultimately help them mature and become the athlete and student they always knew they could be.

We offer golf, tennis, fitness, college preparation and volunteering programs on site.

The complete athlete

The focus of the Lifestyle Program is to prepare students to become the complete student-athlete through both athletic, academic as well as personal growth. We not only focus on athletics and academics, but we also give priority to strengths of character, leadership and teamwork. It’s the combination of both, personal development and athleticism that makes a complete student-athlete.