On The MAP – Changing Our Paradigm
Happiness and problems have absolutely no relationship whatsoever. Well, let me rephrase….they do not have to have a relationship, unless we choose to give them one. The way I live my life is to see problems as gifts. Okay, if you know me really well you might not agree – #eyeroll. But seriously, I do believe that if we see all the challenges in our lives as gifts, we can instantly, yes instantly, change our paradigm.  We can trade expectation for appreciation by changing the meaning that we give to the events in our lives.

For example just last night I was at dinner and noticed a guy in our group who was unsociable and very quiet. I assumed that he was a little rude and probably would rather be anywhere than at the party. I nudged my friend and made a light joke that he definitely was bored with our company and she replied that he was blind, but a really cool guy. Can you imagine what an idiot I felt like, but more importantly I had an immediate change in my perception and the meaning I had attached to his behavior.

How many times a day do we make assumptions and attach meaning when we shouldn’t?  So if you are tempted to feel sorry for yourself and become focused on the negative, whether it is in your golf game or in a relationship, change the meaning. Find a strong and empowering meaning to the event and it will change your attitude and your perception. Nothing in life has any meaning unless the meaning you give it so change the meaning and you will change your life!