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Our vision is to be the world leader in junior golf development and coaching excellence.


The mission of Bishops Gate Golf Academy is to build and inspire excellence of golf skill and character in our student athletes.

An Individual Approach

Student athletes at Bishops Gate Golf Academy don’t join a program or fit in to a “system” rather a program is built uniquely for every individual based on their goals, aspirations, tournament schedule, strengths and areas of improvement.

Simply put, our training philosophy can be described as individual and bespoke. This year, in an effort to further promote an individualized approach, we have introduced the POD coaching model. This model consists of a senior coach with extensive experience and training in junior golf development directing a “POD” of coaches and students. The senior coach oversees all aspects of the student development from assessments, creating the student blueprint to monitoring and reporting on progress throughout the year.

The Bishops Gate Golf Academy facility can accommodate three practice zones, and each zone will include an area to practice the long game, the short game and putting. Within the zones the coach can set up training for technical practice or preparation for competition to ensure that each student is working on their own periodized training program based on their tournament schedule.

The value of this model is in four distinct areas:

  • It provides a consistently high level of coaching to avoid any student being “left behind”
  • It allows for a more strategically planned tournament schedule for each individual and not for the golf group
  • It allows for a more individual training schedule because students have flexibility within the POD to work on all aspects of their game
  • It creates an interdependent coaching team that allows students to learn from more than just one coach and enables students to tap into the expertise of different coaches.

Besides the clear advantages of the new POD model, academy students also have access 7-days a week to the challenging training course at Bishops Gate Golf Academy where they spend time learning how to make decisions, building playing skills, and growing in emotional and strategic development. Creating a sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency through great coaching is what gives our students the best tools and preparation for their college careers and beyond.

Personal Development

Student athletes join Bishops Gate Golf Academy to improve their golf and academic skills and give themselves the opportunity to play college and professional golf. At Bishops Gate Golf Academy we believe that their personal development journey is just as important to give students the mental stamina and perseverance they need to overcome the challenges ahead.

When we espouse that the Mission of Bishops Gate Golf Academy is to inspire excellence of golf skill and character in our students, it is not just a company line but a calling that we take very seriously.

As part of our mission, BGGA has developed a full 9-month student development curriculum to educate and encourage students to change, evolve, grow and be a better version of themselves. Building character takes effort and artistry, and the humility and grace to allow yourself to be molded and shaped by life circumstances and your own limitations and weaknesses.

If, at the end of their stay at BGGA, students are more humble than proud, more empathetic than self-serving, and more grateful than expectant, then they will have started their journey on the road to character. Building character takes a lifetime, but a fulfilled life is created, not given to us, and we craft it by making good decisions and building good habits over time that will serve us well for the rest of our lives.

Leadership Development

Each year, Bishops Gate Golf Academy identifies twelve upperclassmen to be student ambassadors and twelve “trainee” ambassadors who work closely with coaches and staff to enhance student life throughout the entire academy community. The Ambassador Program is an opportunity for our students to draw upon their unique skills and talents to make a positive difference in the lives of others. These young leaders learn valuable skills and experience in mentoring and leading others and demonstrate strong character traits and civic responsibility.