The Original You

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The experience at Bishops Gate Golf Academy is all about you, the individual. Hear first-hand how BGGA is different in The Original You video series.

The Original You: Sissi Wang

Sissi Wang took up golf two years ago and with the help of Bishops Gate Golf Academy she’s lowered her scoring average from 100 into the high 70s. Sissi also feels she’s become more outgoing and able to express her feelings after her time at BGGA.  

The Original You: Gregory Shen

Gregory Shen, 17, from Vancouver Canada, started attending Bishops Gate Golf Academy two and a half years ago. Greg only took up golf four or five years ago and came to BGGA shooting in the 90s. This fall, Greg’s scoring average has consistently been in the 70s and he made it into a playoff to […]

Taisuke Ono | The Original You

  He is patient and determined to achieve his dream, he loves his friends and is very grateful for the opportunities life brings to him. Sit down and get to know this BGGA rising star and you’ll see just how great Taisuke is. This is Taisuke Ono, and this is #TheOriginalYou.

#TheOriginalYou | Jeffrey Wu, Class of 2019

He may be young, but sit down and get to know one of the rising stars at BGGA and you’ll see just how great this kid is. His dreams are big, and his smile is even bigger. The is Jeffrey Wu, and this is #TheOriginalYou.