Bishops Gate Golf Academy senior Marisa Hisaki is a pretty typical teenage girl. She likes clothes, shopping, and Instagram. As a high school senior, Marisa is on the threshold of life’s next adventure. She is picking colleges, working hard to graduate, and chasing her passion for the game of golf. But what will you find when you sit down and get to know her? This is Marisa, and this is #TheOriginalYou.

Q: What do you enjoy doing the most?

A: Making people smile.


Q: What is one of the toughest things about the experience at BGGA?

A: You can’t always win and it won’t be perfect. I don’t always end up doing as well as I want or get what I want, but I take those experiences as lessons and keep improving and moving forward.


Q: Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?

A: I went on a community service trip to Nepal. As a team we got to help the less fortunate, and bringing smiles to their faces made me realize that you can be happy even if you don’t have nice things.


Q: What has been one of the biggest challenges for you?

A: Adapting to new places.


Q: What makes you smile?

A: Being around good company, and knowing that the people around me will be there through thick and thin.


Q: How do you define yourself?

A: I am passionate about the things I love. I am always happy and optimistic.